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Unhealed Foot Wounds

Unhealed Foot Wounds services offered in Chino and Pomona, CA

An unhealed foot wound is a sign of poor circulation to the foot. The highly skilled physicians at Pearl Cardio-Vascular of Inland Empire in Chino, California, diagnose and treat unhealed foot wounds. The state-of-the-art practice provides all the services necessary to treat an unhealed foot wound at one location, including medical management and procedures. Call Pearl Cardio-Vascular of Inland Empire today or schedule an appointment online to get treatment for your unhealed foot wound.

Unhealed Foot Wounds Q & A

Why do I have an unhealed foot wound?

You may have an unhealed foot wound because of circulation problems in your foot. There are many conditions that may lead to a nonhealing foot wound, however, diabetes is one of the most common causes.

Diabetes is a chronic condition in which blood glucose is higher than normal. Too much glucose in the blood damages blood vessels, affecting the tiny blood vessels like the ones in the feet first. The excess blood sugar also damages the nerve endings, affecting sensation. Without an adequate supply of nutrients to the wound, the injury can’t heal. Additionally, people with diabetes may not know they have an injury because they can’t feel it.

People with peripheral artery disease (PAD) are also at risk of having unhealed foot wounds. PAD affects blood flow to the extremities. If you have a blockage in a peripheral artery, the tissue won’t get the nutrients and oxygen it needs to heal, leading to tissue death.  

I hurt my foot yesterday. When does an unhealed foot wound need care?

If you injured your foot yesterday and have diabetes or PAD, you need expert care immediately. You’re at greater risk of developing an infection and tissue death that requires an amputation because of poor circulation. 

You should also get help for any foot wound that fails to start healing within two weeks or doesn't fully heal within six weeks. 

The experts at Pearl Cardio-Vascular of Inland Empire conduct thorough evaluations of your unhealed foot wound and circulation in your extremities to determine the best course of action. 

What are some treatments for an unhealed foot wound?

Treatment for an unhealed foot wound depends on the severity of the ulcer. Your provider at Pearl Cardio-Vascular of Inland Empire talks to you about your wound and treatment options. This may include seeing a wound care specialist who can support the healing process with various procedures such as removal of the dead tissue (debridement) or placement of skin grafts. If necessary, providers at Pearl Cardio-Vascular of Inland Empire can also aid in revascularization to improve circulation. 

An unhealed foot wound can lead to life-altering complications. Call Pearl Cardio-Vascular of Inland Empire today or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation.

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